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Floetrol Water-based paint conditioner to eliminate brush and roller marks

Additive for paintings: avoids traces of recovery by dry weather, hot or windy. 

Floetrol - Waterborne paint conditioner - Owatrol 

Floetrol is an aqueous additive that enhances glide and tense of acrylic paints and emulsion properties during difficult weather conditions (high temperatures, current of air...). Floetrol also facilitates and improves the spray gun while slowing down wear on some parts (nozzles...). 


Avoids traces of recovery, easy glide, allows a better tense. 

Delays taking the paintings and reduced the says "string" or "pommelage". Ideal for decorative work. 

To paint a ceiling without effort for best results. 

Indispensable when applied to the gun because: 

offers flexibility of use, 

limit accumulations of paint into the gun, 

reduced pressure up to 20%, 

lubricates the nozzles and reduces their wear, 

decreases the 'fog' and avoid irregular projections. 


Inside and outside. 

Adds directly to water-based paints: acrylic, acrylic PU, vinyl, alkyd emulsion, RPE, CSR, decorative paintings... 

Surface preparation: 

Mixed with the paint, Floetrol applies on a dry surface, clean, healthy and prepared (defatted, sanded...) including the use, the nature, quality treatment and preparation conform to standards and DTU in force and registered indications on the paint bucket with which Floetrol will be mixed. Recognition and the preparation of the support are the responsibility of the applicator. 

Application equipment: 

Ditto to that advised on the can of paint with which Floetrol will be added. 

Good application tips: 

Prepare the surface according to the recommendations of the paint manufacturer. 

Perform a test of compatibility between Floetrol and painting. The mixture must be homogeneous. 

Mix the paint only in first, then add Floetrol. Mix again. 

Temperature of application between + 5 ° C and + 35 ° C.